Yesterday’s Best

Picking the right pitcher can make or break your team. However, many times you can still win a match if you pick the right outfielders, basemen and catcher.

                                      The Best (Short Stop)


Tigers’ Johnny Peralta posted an impressive 25 Game On Fantasy points. The Tigers went on to win over the Twins 6-2.

Game On Fantasy Stats:

The Tigers play the Twins today at 5:10 pm PST/ 8:10 pm EST.

                                      The Best (Center Field)


Padres’ Cameron Maybin helped San Diego win over the Marlins by posting 23 Game On Fantasy Points.

Padres won 5-3 over Florida.

Game On Fantasy Stats:

The Padres play the Phillies today at 4:05 pm PST/ 7:05 pm EST.

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